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Setup Guide Part 1 - Initial Setup

When you first receive your Kloxo login details, you will be required to set your password to something secure the first time you enter. Initialy, you will use the following credentials to enter Kloxo the first time:


Password: admin

You will be taken to a screen immeadiately to change your password. At the top will be a warning from kloxo.

Kloxo password warning


Change your password by filling out the information and clicking update. ***NOTE*** YOUR OLD PASSWORD IS ADMIN.


After the password has been updated, click home(admin) in the top left corner. You will be greeted with a warning that will ask you to configure Lxguard.



You can configure Lxguard as you wish. We recommend no more than 10 login failures for security. After you have edited your failure value, check the "I have read about lxguard" box so you will not see any more warnings about lxGuard. Press update.



At the top of the page, click home(admin).

One you have returned to the main admin screen, you will be greeted with a message to set your mail server host name. Click the link in the error message to set it.



You will be taken to the mail server configuration screen. You will need to configure your mail server to use mail.yourdomain.com so you can send to public mail servers. You can also choose to configure an additional SMTP port if you wish.



Click update when completed.


You have now completed the first portion of the setup for kloxo. You will now need to configure your DNS template and setup your domain.

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