cPanel Tutorials (31)
Videos tutorials for cPanel
How to change DNS at Domain registrar? (16)
Information on how to change name servers to your VPS name servers.
Kloxo (5)
Information on how to setup and use the Kloxo panel.
WHM Tutorials (29)
Video tutorials for WHM
Creating FTP accounts
To begin creating FTP accounts in Kloxo, you will need to navigate to the domain's control...
Setup Guide Part 2 - DNS
Creating DNS Template/Configuring Name ServersClick on the "DNS Templates" icon from the home...
Setup Guide Part 1 - Initial Setup
When you first receive your Kloxo login details, you will be required to set your password to...
Configuring backups
To begin scheduling backups for your Kloxo accounts, you'll want to navigate to the Backup Home...
Creating email accounts
    To begin creating email accounts in Kloxo, you will need to navigate to the...

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